First Issue

Our very first issue is now published! You can read the entire issue by clicking on (or using your mouse to hover over) the tap at the top of this page labeled “September 2012 Issue”

Feel free to leave comments on any of the pieces. We hope you enjoy them, and that you share them with your family and friends!

Happy reading!

Writer’s Block

PS: Our next issue will be published in exactly three months, on December 21, 2012. If you would like to submit a piece (writing or artwork) of your own, please see the “Submission Guidelines” page. Thanks!



Welcome to Writer’s Block Literary Magazine!

We will be publishing our first issue HERE on September 21, 2012. Over the past few months, we here at Writer’s Block have been working very hard to organize everything, and we’re very excited for our first issue. We’ve got some great pieces included and we can’t wait for you to enjoy them.

Please explore our website and check back soon.