About Submissions…

My, my. Well, that was a bit embarrassing.

But guess what, folks! The submissions address is now available on the Submit! tab above. We hope you use it.

Please follow the guidelines, and please submit! Writer’s Block would love to hear from you.

Guys, I wish you’d told told me sooner – I feel like I’ve been walking around with spinach in my teeth for weeks!

But, hey, scroll down and you’ll see next issue’s “themes”. We’ve added another one that we hope you enjoy. Its:

The End of the World! [Buahahaha!!!]

And if you aren’t clear on how Writer’s Block themes work, here’s the low down: Themes are just suggestions.

Guidelines, almost.

Just because it says so doesn’t mean that you as a writer have to reign in your creative urgings. Submit whatever you want!

Use the themes only as prompts if you feel like you need a little creative inspiration.


Themes for the December issue!

Writer’s Block Magazine wants to start a new kind of tradition as a part of encouraging writing in our literary contemporaries.

For each issue, the Editors of Writer’s Block will put their heads together to produce a few “themes” to go with each of our issues.

These themes will act in the form of suggestions: if our soon-to-be-submitting authors find they have…ahem…a small case of writer’s block – they should have no fear, because Writer’s Block will provide these themes like a kind of prompt, to provide a spark that the talents of you writers can blow into flame.

This issue’s themes are:

Holidays and Blessings

Through the Eyes of a Child

And our personal favorite: The End of the World

That’s that. Take them however you want! These themes are here only to start your abundantly creative juices, you do the interpreting! We want to see what you think of the ideas listed above. Write us about it! And we can show everyone else.

-Don’t worry, though. Themes are only suggestions, not strict rules. Your piece doesn’t have to follow the given theme of the issue. No piece of writing is denied. If you have something in mind, walk right by those themes and send it in!

Next Issue Open Submissions

Hi, new readers!

As you might have noticed, our very first issue is up, and to access it you simply go to the tab at the top of the page labeled “September 2012 Issue” and scroll through the pieces of your choice. We hope you enjoy!

Submissions are now open for our next issue available December 21st.

If you would like to submit, please follow the instructions on the Submissions page, accessible by the tab above. The deadline for next issue’s submissions is December 1st.

We would like to beg of our readers patience as we work out all the kinks in our brand-new site and infant magazine. We hope that our meager offerings in literature encourage your patronage, and we thank you profusely for your dedication to us already. Please don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and abilities with us.


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