To us!!!!

It’s Writer’s Block Literary Magazine’s first Anniversary!

Because of that we want to do something special. Really special. Just for our readers and writers. So help us celebrate! A lot of new things will be showing up in the next few months, but first things first:


Our overall theme for this is issue is Annum, the Latin word for ‘year’ – because we’re classy like that.

So, you community of writers out there, we want to hear all about it…

  • What happens every year?
  • Who celebrates Year One?
  • Is it a birthday, an anniversary?
  • What world, what event, or what people have an Annum and what does it mean to them?

Write about it!

In addition to this prompt, we have the sub themes:

A Day of Stars – This year we are going to celebrate some really important literary events throughout the months. And it just so happens that September 21st is H.G. Wells’ birthday, as well as our own. So in homage to him, and his sci-fi writerly ways, here is this theme:

Everyone has used the stars to describe the world and the people and things in it. Writer’s Block is a newborn star striving to shine – what other stars are out there? And what kind of stars are they? People, places, or spaces in time, tell us all about it.

A Day of Scars – Another very important date comes up every September, for one people in particular, and this year it also will be having a special anniversary. Twelve years ago this eleventh, a national tragedy struck America. We are finally past all the Elevens, but we will never forget:

Everyone has scars. Whether it is the scars of a nation, or the individual scars in you – big or small, physical or somewhere invisible on our souls – we want you to tell us what Scar Story you have in you.

And of course, never forget that our themes are only guidelines: if you have a story that you just have to get out but it doesn’t fit a theme, send it! We won’t turn you away!