About Us

Writer’s Block is an online literary magazine for every reader. Issues are published every three months and include works on any possible subject. Here at Writer’s Block we don’t like to be limited to any genre or theme. We don’t read only dark and artsy works, nor light and romantic–we like to think that the wonderful literature we post is comprehensive of any style imaginable and as diverse as the people who read the magazine. Founded by young adults and made for readers of all kinds, we on the ‘Block hope that readers and writers alike will find something to enjoy.

Issues are largely written by those in the Writers’ Group, writers handpicked by the team on Writer’s Block for their skill, variety, and dedication to writing good works. Information on the Writers’ Group, such as what we do and a list of our members, can be found in the Writers’ Group tab above. However, not all of our writers are part of the Writers’ Group. Online submissions from writers of any kind are welcomed as well, rules and instructions to do so can be found on the Submissions tab.

We have a staff that works very hard to bring you the best issues we can. They are:

Kiera Harvell: Editor-in-Chief, Issue Coordinator, Assistant Communications Coordinator, Co-Founder

Anthony Palumbo: Issue Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Assistant Technical Director, Co-Founder

Courtney Cooper: Technical Director/Website Manager, Co-Founder, Editor

Sarah O’Connell: Head of Public Relations, Co-Founder, Editor

Jennifer Baik: Writer’s Group Manager


We couldn’t have a magazine without our wonderful writers and artists! All of the writers and artists we have published are:

Jennifer Baik
Jaqueline Buckley
Laila Carter
Laurie Cetera
Courtney Cooper
Khanh Ha
Iman Hariri-Kia
Kiera Harvell
Kelsi Hasden
Saba Hashemi
Sarah Ikegami
Sibonay Koo
Sarah O’Connell
Anthony Palumbo
Hajin Park
Douglas Polk
Jacob Ramon
Zoe Ryan
Kate Samuels
Karishma Sonde
Eileen Villegas
Emmary Williams
Carolyn Yao
Kate Zurovchak


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