It’s a Long Story…

As part of our Anniversary celebration, Writer’s Block is adding something new for it’s readers and writers.

Short Stories that are submitted for every issue of Writer’s Block are asked to be kept at a maximum of 5-7 pages, but as writers ourselves, we the crew know that some stories have much more in them than five pages can fit.

So, introducing It’s a Long Story… where we will publish longer “short stories” in a serialized format.

We will be publishing between 3 and 5 serialized stories at a time, at about five pages per serialization. Each section will be published either every week or every month depending on the piece.

To submit:

  • The rules are basically the same as our issues (see our Submissions tab)
  • The deadline to be considered for the next month’s publication is the 15th of every month.
  • Short stories must be a minimum length of 10 regular document pages
  • Submit your story by attachment through the Submissions email, and label the subject “It’s a Long Story Submission”
  • The work does not need to be completed, just be able to submit the first 5-10 pages of it.
  • If it is completed, please submit the whole thing.

*Please note that if your work is in progress and is chosen to be published on Writer’s Block, you must be able to finish it by your given deadline, and if you decide to drop it, so will we.


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