Poetry – December 2012

Below is a list of this issue’s poetry pieces and their authors. To get to a piece, either click on the title of the piece you wish to read, or find it in a subtab under “Poetry” (under this issue) above. The pieces are listed alphabetically by the author’s last name.

Our themes for this issue’s poetry section are:
End of the World
Holiday Blessings
Through the Eyes of a Child

*All poetry for this issue is listed under the author’s name

Our opening poem: How It Came To Be – Anthony Palumbo

Jennifer Baik
Sibonay Koo
Classroom Rhythms
Hajin Park
A Chocolate Chip Pancake Day
Childhood Lenses
Imaginary Memories
Karishma Sonde
Glass Skins and T.S. Eliot
Kate Zurovchak


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