Anthony Palumbo

How It Came To Be

I used to hate to write,
Pen and paper was never my thing
Correction after correction,
Red mark after red mark
After some time I could tell my writing sucked.

I would try to spit out a word,
In hope that something would come to my head,
Time after time, try after try,
It never did.

English was boring too,
Nothing fun about it,
Grammar, reading, vocabulary,
What kinda person likes to do that?

After middle school I had had enough,
I dreaded the next English class I would have to step foot into,
Summer came fast, never cracked a book,
But for some reason my mom bought me a Nook.

On the first day of school I walked into English
The teacher seemed nice and had a good sense of humor,
Well I guess if I had to suffer through a class I would get a few laughs,
It turned out to be more than a few laughs I really began to enjoy that class.

I learned so much
And she taught so well,
I had never come into contact with such a combination,
English and enjoying a class? What?

I continued to learn
More and more each day,
Knowledge was pounded into my head,
I couldn’t help but to wonder did she have the magic gift?

But not until after the school did I really change,
I took what I learned to a whole new level,
When I went to Georgetown
Where some of the greatest youth writers would assemble.

That was the week my whole life changed
I went from being the English hater to the English nerd,
Class after class, session after session,
My love for writing began to flourish .

The story doesn’t end there,
As I continued to grow as a writer,
I became more aware,
That I was becoming brighter and brighter.


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