Hajin Park

A Chocolate Chip Pancake Day

All chocolate chip pancake days begin
With a toasty meal in the golden morn.
Glossy rays of sunshine blanket my skin
As across cotton skies, birds chirp airborne.

I catch a fresh whiff of the greenest grass
From the other side as I bask in light.
I bounce along, floating weightless as gas
A smile spreading like butterflies in flight.

Yet all such days come to a hazy end
For restless sunrise won’t be kept at bay.
To blinding shore do my tides of sleep send,
Annoyance, do my bleary eyes betray.

With bittersweet tastes still staining my lip,
I’ll seize the day with new strength from this trip.


Childhood Lenses

A flurry of scissors snipping.
Blue Elmer’s glue dripping.
Markers with their caps missing,
Leaving behind a rainbow trail.
Hands stained with splashes of color,
He draws bats, she draws a flower.
Limp snowflakes made on the spur
With blue and red cellophane, all a blur.
A paper kingdom with a paper crown,
Paper people and their paper towns.
Sunglasses proudly perched on their noses,
Try to see the world through their lenses.

Imaginary Memories

Memories of not ice skating.
An ice cold breeze
kissing my face.
Your imaginary fingers laced

with mine and our skates
crisscrossed. Memories of not picnicing
and of sharp blades of grass
tickling me. Oh tempting sweet fruit

from the forbidden tree itself,
how do chicken sandwiches
and potato salad taste?
Memories of not watching a movie,

of your warm touch melting
away goosebumps on my skin. Of being
blanketed between you, and the dark. Of cliched
fingers, meeting amongst

sticky popcorn kernels. My head
in the clouds, my heart
in the princess castle,
I wonder how long

did sleeping beauty wait?
Through the open window,
a gust of ice cold wind brushes
against my cheek and

the morning sun barges
in. If only the sun would let me be,
if only,
for another five minutes, I could dream.


Meticulously messing with words
As if teasing knots out of hair.
I’m sick of this,
Sick, of fabricating words out of air.

I think I finally know
How and what I want to write,
I was lost in the dark
But I’m on my way to the light


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