Jennifer Baik


softly she moved her lips like a silent film
staring at an audience that couldn’t hear a damn thing
nevertheless see their own faces
in the pitch black glow of their own empty hearts all the while watching the rain
trace black and white stains down the window
in her thin cotton nightgown
that was so white it turned gray
under the shadows of her sleep-driven eyes finally finding the will to dream
she lunged under the crinkled sheets
curling her toes under the cool linen
which served only to reflect the hoary blue specks in her eyes
but the audience was too captivated by the stillness in her face
unable to comprehend the reality of it all
along with the dull blue specks that slowly faded to gray

she couldn’t speak even if she wanted to.


there is an aching sadness in my bones
nestled softly between shoulder blades
made up completely of microtubules
and other dead carbon atoms
that aren’t really dead at all
which begs the question of
if life is really made
from the ground up
or if it’s that second cousin
that you never really want to talk to
at weddings.


There was a gaping hole that bore straight through me
not around, but all the way though
staining me with just enough desire
to make love with the concrete.

one day i went all the way to the top of the
empire state building
the view wasn’t anything special.

i found myself falling in love with gravity
and my heart jumped out of my mouth screaming
“Catch me, Catch me!”

before bouncing off a rooftop
and rolling, unannounced, into a wedding ceremony.

unceremoniously, the rest of me followed
leaving my body weightless
until it impaled itself on a lightning rod,
shattering my heart on the dance floor.

the bride still had a hell of a time.


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