Kate Zurovchak


We were told it was coming.
We were told, but we did not here.
Whatever the Great Essence was summoning,
We did not fear.
But we should have.
Now I walk on fire, my feet burn with each step.
Now my breath shakes, though it is hot,
It is cold.
There is no difference here. No young. No old.
A great people we were, once. Powerful. Rich. Omnipotent.
But was the prophesy was told.
We tried to run away from our knowledge.
We used to rule in the middle of the sane,
Now we stand on the ledge. Almost insane.
But not quite.
Our silence and our screams are not distinguished.
Silence is our scream.
We had found all that was unseen, nothing could hide.
We’re still too arrogant to be rid of pride,
Even though pain comes with every stride.
Our God put an end to us.
And end we never believed would come. It was idle talk.
A scary story, nothing practical or rational about it.
But we ended, our world ended, because we caused the end.
Our knowledge took us to the end; a self-destructed people.
We knew all there was to know, the earth raped of mystery.
Now we walk for deserting our God,
In the lands of fire and ice. Our mind once so dear and precious,
Flees with each step, while our heart still beats.
I had forgotten my heart in the midst of discovery,
Maybe that’s why I am here. It’s my repentance.
Death is not my sentence, forgiveness holds me captive.
Yet, we should have listened to the One above.
For we would have been prepared for the end that was to come.



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