June 2013 Issue

Welcome to our June 2013 Issue!*

Themes: Each issue, our editors select a few themes that we would like our submissions to focus on, and we encourage (but do not require) our writers to submit work related to our themes. For your convenience, we have noted which theme(s) have been incorporated into this issue’s pieces at the top of each page. The themes for the March Issue are:

  • Who’s Your Daddy: Recognizing Father’s Day: June 16th.
  • Bandit: Our first theme relating to mystery.
  • School’s Out: Most students in the Northern Hemisphere get out of school in May or June, beginning their favorite season: Summer!

*Due to the short time available from the crew to publish this issue, especially in preparation for our Anniversary issue, the June 21st issue is a slightly abbreviated version of what Writer’s Block usually produces. Please enjoy, and be ready for our New Year!

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for: The Writer’s Block June 2013 Issue!

Short Fiction
Size Ten Boots – Khanh Ha
American Dreaming – Iman Hariri-Kia
Liar – Kiera Harvell
The Opportunity to See – Saba Hashemi
Wild – Kate Samuels
Memory – Kate Zurovchak

*All poetry for this issue is listed under the author’s name
Iman Hariri-Kia
Gypsy Song
Eileen Villegas

Art from our Gallery
Sibonay Koo
Les Petits Trucs II
An Inken Escape
Karishma Sonde
Pretty Girl
Emmary Williams
Boy With Glasses
Concentration 11
Water Color Girl
Carolyn Yao

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