Hajin Park

Jars of Sunshine

Theme: Winter to Spring

Golden rays of sunshine sit bottled up
In jars, jars of every size and color,
Labelled, wrapped, ribboned and borrowed,
Plonked on a dusty shelf, with nothing but
A splattering of cotton candy cobwebs
And a littering of caramel sand,
Lulled to sleep by tinkling tears of seashells,
The biding jars of sunshine stand.


Theme: Winter to Spring

The sun barges in through the crack in my
curtain, reaching every nook and cranny,
And storming all my safe havens. The world
outside seems to be on fast forward as
lights flicker red to green, car engines growl
to match driver’s scowls, as white hands wring the
wheels to death. Coffee machines purr and eye-
lids peel back, stubbornly like oranges.

The Dandelion in Us

Theme: Winter to Spring

A snow-white bed sheet flaps in the gentle
breeze, with milky tendrils of cloth, beckons
towards the ash sky and the grass and the
trees. Clumps of dandelions surf the wind
lazily, like wisps of cotton candy
against the silvery clouds, coming to
a rest on a blade of gaunt grass. Tipping
precariously, the blade dips its head
in defeat, and the dandelion is
off, again. Damned to an eternity
of travelling alone, of settling, then
being ripped from home, of searching within
for the answer, the dandelion is
tossed into the hungry grey waves, consumed,
it sinks to the bottom of charcoal sea.


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