Kate Zurovchak

Doctor Seuss

Theme: Dr. Seuss’s Birthday

My childhood playmate, mentor, and friend
You took me to places never before traveled.
Opening the gates of creativity and imagination,
You held my hand, and led me in.
Into this world we escaped, just you and I.
To pass your test I did not need the black and white,
I excelled with art and color alone.
Words were extinct, for etched on my skin,
Was a story of the places too which I had never been.
Here, never was it the mundane that thrived,
Because the glories of the mind are unseen to the eye.
Many a day I spent with you.
Curled up snugly in the arms of a tree,
When you asked me to breakfast with you and a friend.
My eyes drifted shut, but I saw all that was unseen.
My mouth watered at the thought of green eggs and ham,
Which I ate with you, Dr. Seuss, and your friend Sam.


Someday I would like to become one with these fluttering fall leaves.
I would like to relax in the wind, floating along on a gentle breeze.
No worries, no pain, no stress to enter my soul.
I will wander through the world.
I will inhale life as a newborn again.
In union with my Father, I will live.

The Condemned Thief

He runs along a road, its end already known.
Dodging cars and occasionally bullets,
Regrets lie in stealing the dogs’ bone.
Houses worn down by ages of young mothers
One hand clutching her child’s hand,
the other with a broom, scolding the brothers.
He doesn’t dare to turn as he runs by.
The tears blur and he cannot see,
So why bother to try?
Every shutter and every doorframe is already memorized.
He comes to a halt as the road ends,
a dead end that will lead to his.
He tries to picture his own mama’s eyes,
As the man with the hood pulls the trigger.
Debts were in debt, and holes dug holes,
Way down deep, now buried with him as he sleeps.


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