September 2012 Issue

All things begin small. Whether living body or body of thought, when something is conceived it can be unimaginably tiny. Writer’s Block was born of a tired conversation, among a small group of writers and contemporaries in a little, locked room, at one in the morning. But it was an idea that grew incredibly fast. Hard work, tears, sweat, confusion, yelling, and amazing skill and teamwork has brought to life this incredible new community. And a community is exactly what we hope to create here on Writer’s Block: a community for both writers and readers of all kinds. Everyone is welcome here, and we hope that it is our love of literature that will bring us together.

But as I said, all things begin small. This is the first issue of Writer’s Block, and it is our tiny little offering to our hoped for future – growing and developing into a significant addition to the literary world. It is an offering to you, because that world is made up of authors and audience alike, and if you are reading this, then you are a citizen of it and you are honoring us by sharing your mind with the work of the minds on Writer’s Block.

We thank you. And we invite you to share that mind with others by becoming a member of Writer’s Block, too.

Things begin small, but we will grow.


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