Helium – Sibonay Koo

Blue clouds bloom in darkened globe
but down below, she screams
A burst of golden, pealing laughter
Echoes through the streets.
Soaked are frock and naked feet
from stream like molten glass,
which bramble-like, engulfs her whole 
in slippery mighty grasp. 
She strikes a ballerina’s pose
and soars in tiptoed glee
‘til helium, her cheeky friend,
Earth’s gravity makes flee.
But tresses dare to dream and fly
and mutiny commit:
Her copper locks wrest free of pins
to veil a crooked grin.
For supper’s calls, the girl runs home
through arch of cool grey slate.
Yet when the clock of youth strikes twelve,
the spark of passion leaps.
She sneaks a glance at naive mirth,
A glance at wizened sense,
and fairylike, she flits around
then skips towards the former.


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