Time is a Road Once Traveled – Sarah O’Connell

I have made mistakes
They line my body like a henna tattoo
Even when they vanish I can still see them—
Still trace their intricate curves on the crook of my arm

I am made of yesterdays and tomorrows
Of words spoken too quickly and judgments falsely based
Of smiles a bit too crooked, and laughs much too loud
Of warm hugs and loves never tried

If my life was a high way I would watch each exit
The signs representing freeways I chose to pass
Each yellow dash etched on the road is another facet
Of the long and complicated person I truly am

A thousand different me’s exist, woven throughout my past
Each is a road I did not take, a path I could have crossed
Who I could have been, where I could have gone
The tangled strings of my decisions are a thousand miles long

A ballerina up on center stage, her arabesque caught mid-flight
An actress, bowing for the crowd, glistening in the spotlight
A skater twisting through the air, her passion cutting through ice
A girl alone, without any friends, her wrists webbed and lifeless

But these ‘maybes’ and ‘what ifs’ are pointless
For this is the true me: the girl who threw off her ballet shoes
And discarded her mic, and shredded her skates
And who opened the curtain and then picked up a pen,
And curled into the warm hollow of her dreams

I have made mistakes

I am not made of regrets


One comment on “Time is a Road Once Traveled – Sarah O’Connell

  1. This is deeply, and somewhat tragically beautiful. Great piece!

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