Courtney Cooper

I’m not a sculptor, painter, or dancer, but everyone needs a medium that can allow them to express that which they cannot voice. Writing is an outlet, and a way of putting bubbles of my thoughts, and my imagination, out into the world. It can delve into the deepest complexities of the mind, and reveal the Truth. It can be used to quiet insanity when it rises inside my head, and it can chase any nightmare away. Through writing, I can capture my dreams, for writing traps things that must always be remembered, and preserves memories of people who must never be forgotten. How can I say, in any other way, what must be told? When the world cannot recall its beauty, and all of its fascinations, how can it be reminded? There is nothing that is lost, which cannot be found if it is sought, and writing is the ultimate search engine. Writing is there for me when Google fails, when other arts fail, and when all else fails. When all else fails, I write.


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