Jennifer Baik

My writing, is shit. I’ve been told many times throughout my life that I, Jennifer, am full of shit. And its true, I am full of shit.  In fact, I am full of the craziest and most creative shit you will ever find..  If that keen observation of theirs was supposed to insult me in any way, I am here to proudly say that it did no such thing.  Instead, it gave me an idea.  Why don’t i write about it?

These words that are coming out of my mouth? This is called bullshit.

Writing gives the reader an intimate view into the writer’s mind, yet it still keeps them at a distance because ultimately, the writer controls what the reader feels, sees, and understands. All other art is flat, left to your interpretation.  But writing, whether you like it or not, is multidimensional, and completely intentional.   It is the most powerful weapon the human race has today, to persuade and inform others with their words. Writing gives me the freedom to be creative.

It is, in essence, and extension of myself.  It is an outreached hand that extends, to a lucky few, a rare invitation into the darkest depths of my mind. My writing is a privilege, and i don’t share, i give.  Whether it flickers snowy white static or if it crashes and floods you like torrential rain, my thoughts become yours, but your thoughts will never become mine.

So now not only am I full of shit, but you are too. You are now filled with the craziest and most creative shit you will ever find.


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