Laila Carter

Two things are true about me: I am plagued by procrastination, and I’m a f-ing weirdo. I awkwardly stand out from the rest of my friends and find myself saying “I hate everyone” five times a day, and even though it’s a passion, I seemingly avoid writing just as much as those stupid history research papers.

That’s why my iPod is my life. Music equals inspiration in my mind. When I hear a song, a scenario develops in my imagination, whether it be a high-speed road race or a dramatic confrontation between sworn enemies. Every single song I know goes with a scene that I am dying to write on paper, but, as I have said, I never really sit down to do it. I only write in the most random and spontaneous moments, and only about the scenes I think of, mostly that happen in the middle of the story.

But, personally, writing fiction is awesome. Not only because the subject is psychedelic, but because I’m too lazy to do actual homework.


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