Sibonay Koo

Bullshit: noun. A male cow’s excrement. Usually used to signify nonsense, lies, and exaggeration.
If you had asked me even a week ago why I write, I would have given some elaborate, deep-as-cobalt-ocean-depths declaration of my love of the potency and sheer beauty of the English language, and my unrelenting desire to harness this power. My answer would be exquisitely crafted, of course, and probably contain a hodgepodge of the literary spectrum.
But let’s be honest here: that would be bullshit.
The distinguished and grey-bearded say that writing tells the truth. 
“Your pen is able to SPEAK to readers, and your words will traverse continents and culture to ENDOW them with truth- both mundane and grandiose!”
I write fiction: I lie, am hyperbolic, write meaningful nonsense. If this is the definition of bullshit, then I write bullshit. But if this bullshit speaks the truth, then perhaps I write for the purpose of bullshitting. So from this I can ascertain a new definition of it. Bullshit: noun. A paradox- lies to tell the truth. I write because I bullshit.


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