September 2013 Issue

Our September 2013 issue is now available for all! We have some wonderful pieces for this issue, and we’re very excited to share them with you. In addition, we’ve also got some great works of art published in our Gallery!

We asked our writers to submit pieces relating to one of two themes, or a topic of their choice for this issue. The themes for our Anniversary Issue are:

  • Annum: it’s our birthday! What other things do people celebrate yearly? What is year one?
  • A Day of Stars: in honor of H.G. Wells and the newborn star Writer’s Block. What star do you know?
  • A Day of Scars: in memoriam of the 12th year after 9/11. What scars do you have?

Also introducing our new section: It’s a Long Story… where we will publish longer “short stories” in a serialized format. Please see our It’s a Long Story… tab for more information.

If you would like to submit work for the following issue, publishing date to be announced soon, please do! See our Submissions page for more information.

September 2013 Issue
Weariness – Courtney Cooper
One: This Side of Paradise – Olivia Fitzpatrick
Reflection #2 – Saba Hashemi
Reflection #4 – Saba Hashemi
Why I Dance – Jason Kim
Anthony Palumbo
Letter to Beyoncé – Anthony Palumbo

*All poetry for this issue is listed under the author’s name
Christy Bythrow
Art from our Gallery
Sibonay Koo
Les Petits Trucs II
An Inken Escape
Karishma Sonde
Pretty Girl
Emmary Williams
Boy With Glasses
Concentration 11
Water Color Girl

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