Linda Mindaye


Repeat it in order to

Record the song of your heart so that I may

Remember the sensation of lust I wish I could

Rewind back to the days of

Reminiscing over nostalgic memories the ones we

Reuse when we feel like the world is caving in.  Sometimes we

Refuse to admit all those late night conversations because we’re afraid to

Resurface the pain and love we held deep in our hearts but somehow we

Recite the same melody even when were miles apart. We sing together in order

Refine our lives of 100 impurities I try to

Relish in those frozen moments of untarnished perfection but you’ve somehow

Rephrased our love and

Ripped from it is meaning and beauty Our love has been

Repurposed to nothing but a fatal mistake at nights I

Reconsider handing you my heart and taking you in with open arms I fearfully

Recoiled my feelings for you in hopes that you would just

Rent my heart instead of breaking it lets just

Reverse this and

Rebuild our

Relationship and try to just

Relax and

Rest for a moment


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