Saba Hashemi


Morning breeze

Its fragrance will exhale

The old world will once again

Youthfully sail

Mother and Father

Traveled to exotic lands

“Her name will be Saba”

Said a wise old man

The place was Hafez

The land was Iran

My name was summoned

Through Tarot

When I was born

Black hair white skin

My parents cried joy

For their kin

Years past and Wind stopped blowing

Saba was lost, didn’t know where she was going

One day

When in her heart she held a scream

She crossed paths

With a yoga magazine

India and Iran

Had long been keen

Friends by culture

Shared through din

The page said

To reap joy from cries

The distraught reader

Must simplify

One must live by common theme

In order to achieve their dreams

Young Saba learned

Or so she thought

It was with kindness

Battles be fought

“But there’s much

I want to do

Must I sacrifice

To start anew?”

Medicine, poetry

Dear dreams of mine

Medicine, poetry

What common thread lies?

Both cure mankind, reap joy from cries

Then she got it

Then she knew

What it was

She would do

“To heal is my answer.

Heal is the word

It will free my soul

Like a caged bird.”

Heal, heal

It is the force

That faces pain with love

Heal, heal

It acknowledges one’s power

To mend from above

Heal, heal, will be my motto

From this day on, to fight my sorrow

Today is dark, but it shant be morrow

From its essence, strength will follow

Heal, heal

Cut the bad away

Sway with the light

Breathe force to fray

Heal, heal, it has no ring

Tis what it means

That inspired me

To heal

Is to acknowledge pain


Run or hide

To heal

Is to put it plain


The hurt aside

So that one

Can truly to see

How to restore


Yes, that’s what I want my life to be

An exquisite, healing breeze

I want my name

To emanate from me

So mother and father, shed no tears

I know I’ve been rough throughout the years

But from my struggles I’ll emerge

A subtle power, like a bird

Out in the wild, free from its cage

Chained down I’ll no longer stay

For with your help and all my creed

The healing will wash over me

You can’t see it, it takes time

It lacks the swiftness of a rhyme

For tell me loves

Have you ever seen

The speedy recovery of a bloody mark?

Some skins

Won’t regain their pretty sheen

Some scars

Are forever dark

But my girlish wounds are healing

The sting of them is pealing

Give me patience, give me time

I am healing, I will rise

I will live up

To the prize

That is the love

I see in your eyes


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