Letter to Beyoncé – Anthony Palumbo

Dear Mrs. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter,

I have been a fan of you since you were a member of Destiny’s Child, and was reminded of my loyalty to you after your astounding performance at Super Bowl XLVII.  My devotion to the Knowles-Carter family does not stop there.  I am also a huge fan of your husband.   As a matter-of-fact, I will be attending his concert when he comes to Raleigh in November. With your husband being on tour and you busy with public appearances, I could help you out and make your life less stressful if you hired me to babysit Blue Ivy.

Let me tell you a little about my qualifications and myself.  As a young kid who wanted to babysit my neighbors’ kids, I decided to sign up for the American Cross course on babysitting. I spent a whole afternoon at the local community center in order to become certified. There they taught me various techniques such as: the Heimlich, CPR, and burn prevention.  Along with teaching me these skills, they also gave the group various games to play with the kids we would babysit. These games and various types of procedures will allow me to create a fun and safe environment for Blue at all times.

Due to not being famous, I am never followed by the paparazzi. Though Solange is probably a great mentor for Blue, she surely attracts the paparazzi, especially after her breakout performance in Bring It On: All or Nothing.  Adding to her popularity is that she is the sister of one of the best singers/performers in the world. My low key status would allow me to create a safe place for Blue. The paparazzi would never expect for me, an average citizen, to have any connection to the one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

Babysitting Blue could provide you stability while you and your husband are on tours and eliminate most of the stress that comes with busy careers and having a young child. My prices are some of the most reasonable around, only ten dollars an hour. Any big-time nanny would charge more than triple that amount.

Being such a big fan I have been able to research various aspects of your life that many people may not even know. Using this information I would be able to recreate an atmosphere similar to one as if you were home. I even have a friend that is able to dance and perform many of your hits.

I feel like not only you and Jay-Z would not only be impressed with my experience and my ability to make good decisions, but I believe Blue would enjoy it as well. I hope you consider my offer to babysit and at least meet with me to see first-hand how I could become an integral part of your family.


Anthony Palumbo


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