Why I Dance – Jason Kim

Why do I dance? I dance to feel alive. It makes me feel alive like nothing else in this world. It gives me purpose, a reason to keep moving two steps forward for every step I try to take back. I dance to face my true self, to scream in defiance at fate, at destiny, through the motions my body has awoken to.

Why do I dance? I dance to dream; to express myself in ways words cannot describe, to rebel against the social hierarchies and status quos that I cannot comprehend. I dance to come to terms with the swirling chaos that is my mind, to disregard all logic, all thought, all semblance of duality in this world, if not only for a small time.

Why do I dance? I dance to bring the audience, no matter how big or how small, into my world, a world where wealth, race, religion and creeds have no meaning. I dance to share the wonder that burns brightly through my emotions, a roaring inferno that was first kindled in the depths of despair.

Why do I dance? I dance to honor the unsung heroes who changed my life, heroes who sacrificed riches and privilege, who disregarded inequality in exchange for respect, in order to pursue their dreams. I dance to fulfill a promise; a promise that one day, I will inherit the dreams and mission of my teachers, a mission to change the world through passion enflamed.

Why do I dance? I dance to change the world, one stage at a time. I dance to meet others, to experience the views of all and none, to catch the dream of a world where the only weapons are dance and the only wars are the ones waged on stage.

Why do I dance?

I dance to live.


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