Writers’ Group

The Writers’ Group is the skilled group of dedicated writers who write the bulk of each of our issues. These wonderful people are an integral and dedicated part of making Writer’s Block run. We thank them profusely and daily.

We are currently working on compiling bio’s for our Writers’ Group members and other writers. You can find them by either clicking on the names below or selecting a name a subtab under this page in the menu bar.

YOU can be a part of the Writers’ Group:

It’s not easy. Becoming a part of the Writers’ Group means being dedicated to the magazine. You are obligated to write for each issue, and your work will go under review each time – you will not always get your piece in. Skill is needed. Being a part of the Group is by personal invite only, and an author has to have submitted consistently good work several times to Writer’s Block before such a consideration is made. It is both a privilege and a responsibility and we hope it will be treated as such.


Jennifer Baik

Laila Carter

Courtney Cooper

Iman Hariri-Kia
Iman Hariri-Kia was born and bred in Manhattan, New York. Apart from writing short realistic fiction and being a teen novel junkie, Iman writes and records her own music. She performs locally at venues such as the Bitter End and the Living Room and
maintains Iman.Bandcamp.com. In 2011, Iman attended the Berklee College of Music 5 week, where she was featured in the Young Singer Songwriter Showcase. Iman also writes Op-Eds, drinks massive amounts of bubble tea, and enjoys The Vampire Diaries.

Kiera Harvell
Kiera Harvell is a graduating high school senior and aspiring English major, planning to travel the world, study people, and become a semi-successful author – at the very least. She has known she was meant to be a writer since her sixth grade year and has been honing her talent ever since. Kiera is a founding member, as well as Editor-in-Chief, an Issue Coordinator, and the Assistant Communications Coordinator at Writer’s Block Literary Magazine, which she cares for and works on tirelessly with her contemporaries from Georgetown University Creative Writing Program. She believes that a love of literature should be nurtured in a community for anyone who wishes to read.

Sibonay Koo

Sarah O’Connell

Anthony Palumbo
Anthony Palumbo is a high school sophomore, still learning the ropes about writing.  It wasn’t until his freshman year that he really developed a passion for writing.  He wishes to travel the world someday and promote the importance of writing to all those who don’t know.  Anthony was a founding member of Writer’s Block Literary Magazine, and is also the Communications Coordinator, an Issue Coordinator, and the Assistant Technical Director.  He and the rest of the group knew that they needed a way to build on their experience at Georgetown, which prompted him to help start the magazine.  One of Anthony’s strong beliefs is that writing shouldn’t be something that everyone is forced to do; it should be something everyone should want to do.

Hajin Park

Karishma Sonde

Carolyn Yao

Kate Zurovchak


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