Writing Tips For Everyone

Just for fun, we’ve created a writing tips section for everyone! We will be posting our own tips here periodically, but we also encourage you to submit your own writing tips for others to enjoy. Please leave a comment to submit your tip(s).

Current top tip from us here at Writer’s Block:

When editing someone else’s work, you (the editor) might be more help to the author if you follow these guidelines. When giving feedback, tell the author:

  • 2 things you noticed (i.e. you used a lot of metaphors in this section)
  • 2 things you want more of (i.e. the metaphors you used were good, use more! Or, you didn’t have many metaphors–I’d like to see some more)
  • 2 things you want less of (i.e. you used more metaphors than you needed, I think you should take out a few)

If your writing is being edited, try not to respond to your editor(s) while they’re giving you feedback. Your readers likely won’t have you with them to explain everything, so pretend you’re in a “glass box” and can’t explain anything to your editor(s) either until they’ve finished giving their feedback.


We’re looking forward to seeing your tips and comments!


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